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A wide range of available raw materials and production methods allows us to offer a variety of pillows and quilts.

Our products are made of both natural and synthetic fabrics and fillings.

Depending on the type of the filling and its weight, we manufacture quilts with different thermal grades. The range includes summer, winter, duo, four season and all year round quilts.

We offer quilted and non- quilted pillows, with and without borders, two- and three- chamber ones.

We create products for different purposes:

- for sleeping
- infant feeding,
- rehabilitation and exercise
- decorating

When designing pillows and quilts, we meet the customer's requirements. We adapt their patterns of quilting, finishes and sizes to the expectations of the customer.



Dr. Clover is a line of mattresses designed for the comfort of your sleep. Our offer includes foam, bonnell and pocket mattresses available in a wide range of hardness classes and sizes, tailored to individual customer's needs.

You can select a unique cover with various properties for each Dr. Clover mattress.



AMW Nawrot mattress protectors protect the bed against dirt, moisture and prevents the development of bacteria in beds. The mattress protectors will help you ensure the safety and comfort of sleep. During the use the beds become a habitat for dust mites causing allergies. Mattresses are exposed to dirt and due to the moisture the microorganisms multiply inside them.

Our mattress protectors are an antibacterial barrier and are easy to wash. We recommend them for children, allergy sufferers and people who require long- term care in hospitals or homes of seniors.


Feather is valued for its thermal insulation qualities and used as a filling for quilts and pillows. The AMW Nawrot company sorts and refines it. We sell all kinds of feather in the quality and composition ordered by the customer. We bring feather of geese and ducks from Polish slaughterhouses and then refine it in the AMW Nawrot plant in Pyrzowice.

Thanks to the application of the latest technology, we wash feather with special detergents, dry it at a temperature of 130 Centigrades and sort it to get the right composition. We process 4 tons of feather and down every day.


Regeneration of feathers and down in the AMW Nawrot company includes the washing, cleaning and refreshing of natural pillow and quilt filling. In this way, we eliminate dust mites, microbes and dust. The final stage of the regeneration is feather and down drying in a temperature of approx. 110 ° C. At this time dedusting of these materials takes place.

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